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To find your own way in work and life

For whom?


Life and work in particular can be complicated. When you are an expat, so much more.

Not only are you confronted with the “regular” issues in life like lifes anxieties and the possible feeling of shortcomings in your private life and/or at work, there are also the issues related to being an expat. Such like being homesick or the feeling of not belonging neither here nor at home for instance.

Expat Coaching Company supports expats who are suffering from stress in finding their own specific way to deal with stress so they will feel and function better at work and at home.



Individual coaching

One-on-One coaching sessions in which your wish for personal improvement is key. Coaching both for the expat as for the spouse.

Coaching is done in Dutch or English.

Besides stress coaching we offer amongst others the following services:

Company owners and or founders

Specific coaching and mentoring for owners/founders of startups or scale-ups. Both with personal challenges as with business challenges.


Focus on team specific needs, such as improving communication, 

optimizing the process of working together and getting things done.

How can we help?

We will help you to determine what it is that you would like to improve upon. You, because it is all about you, what you would like to get out of life, what you find important, your values.

Your optimal personal happiness can only be achieved by doing what fits you and your values, and when that coincides with what you find interesting and inspiring, that what is your passion.

Sometimes there are some roadblocks on the path to your 

optimal personal happiness. We will help you define those and will guide you in finding your solution for resolving them so that you too will be able to achieve your optimal personal happiness.



Our mission is a world in which people have learned to deal with stress  in such a way that stress does not make them sick. In order to achieve that we want to contribute to prevention. Our contribution will be the development and application of education and training and contributing to personal development through coaching. Until that new world will be here, personal professional coaching when addressing stress related issues will be necessary and will we keep offering this, but our personal focus will be in the development of these tools that will bring that new world one step closer at the time.


To care about, to give, respect, authenticity, sincere, trust, professionality, goal orientated those are the values of the Expat Coaching Company.


In this “always-on” society more and more people have the feeling to have lost contact. Contact with the people and what is happening around them, but above all, contact with themselves. They lost themselves in or are at the point of losing themselves in work, targets, expectations, demands and obligations. This all leading to stress, both from their social lives as from the professional environment. This results in people who feel less good about themselves and less in balance, who are less happy and as a result preform less than can be expected or are on the edge of a burn-out.

Because of a background in high demanding and high performance work places we do know first-hand that to stay on your feet, you need to know what it is you are doing and why, have to understand the social and organizational structures around you and your role in the interactions within them. And above all it is imperative you are not held back by so called blocking presumptions and the ineffective behaviour they cause.

Of course it is great when you operate in such a work and life environment and are fully happy. And actually quite a lot of people are “sort of happy and satisfied”, but not fully and some do not even get close. A lot of people in HDHP environments find themselves confronted with difficult questions.


Some of these are of a more profound nature such as:


  • Why do I feel like I do not have control of the situation at work anymore?

  • This situation is not making me happy, but I feel afraid to make changes.

  • I am at the right place? In the right job? At the right employer?

  • I know what I have to do, but feels like I keep postponing things more and more. What is happening and how do I change the situation?

  • I arrived in this country but still do not feel at home. How come?

  • I do not understand the local culture and because of it keep running into all kinds of challenges, how do I deal with that?

  • I miss home, am feeling homesick, what now?

  • When I come "home" I notice I have changed and now I have the feeling that I belong neither there nor here.

  • I need more balance between work and home, but have no idea where to begin.

  • I have the feeling I cannot handle the expectations of my (work/private) environment, feel constantly empty and tired.

  • My colleagues are very direct in their feedback or remarks. I have the feeling I am taking it more and more personal. What is causing that and how can I deal with it?


Some of these questions are more “operational”, such as:

  • I find it difficult to say “no” and as a result I get more and more work on my desk. What can I do to change that?

  • How come do my colleagues respond on me the way they do?

  • I multi task like there is no tomorrow, but still have the feeling I am not doing enough. How do I change this?

  • I frequently have to make presentations. Although I do know how to make the sheets and the text, I still choke. How come and how can I change that?

When questions like these are bothering you too a few coaching sessions can offer insight and a path to improvement. On this path we want and can guide you to achieving your goals.

For employers it can be very beneficial to have their employees coached. Scientific research have proven that happy employees are more in balance, less sick, remarkably more productive and less prone to leave the company. An investment in coaching will therefore have a short turn return on investment.

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What differentiates me as a coach to you?


I have first-hand experience in the kind of work environment you have to perform

in. After working for the government and a NGO, I worked for more than 20 years

in all level sales jobs with internationally operating companies. Work related

pressure, expectations, targets and the continuous need to perform was the

“normal” state of things. In those years I learned how it should not be done and

what could be the right way to perform in these environments. And what is needed

to be able to stay on your feet and enjoy the ride.

Besides 25 years of working experience, being married to a former expat and

having friends from all over the globe, completing a high level and certified (by the international branch organisation for coaches) education to Coach Practitioner and Team coach, there is me as a person. What drives me you can read under Values. It is this unique combination that differentiates me from other coaches.

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