Life and work in particular can be complicated. When you are an expat, so much more. Not only can you be confronted by the “regular” issues in life like anxieties and the feeling of shortcomings in your private life and at work, there are also the issues related to being an expat. Such like being homesick or a feeling of not belonging neither here nor at home for instance.

​Expat Coaching Company is a brand of Menselijk Rendement Coaching and focusses only on coaching expats.

Here you will find a short description of the services provided by the Expat Coaching Company. If you would like to know more about the services please contact Expat Coaching Company via the contact form or by phone.

Individual coaching

We will help you to determine what it is that you would like to improve upon. You, because it is all about you, what you would like to get out of life, what you find important, your values.

Your optimal personal state can only be achieved by doing what fits you and your values, coincides with what you find interesting and inspiring, that what is your passion.

Sometimes there are some roadblocks on the path to the optimal personal state. We will help you define those and will guide you in finding your solution for resolving them so that you too will be able to achieve your optimal personal state.

We will do this in One-on-One coaching sessions which will take place in our office in Almere. The amount of sessions and techniques used are determined by the issue you would like to address.

For information on pricing or making an appointment please contact Expat Coaching Company via the contact form or by phone.

Team coaching

Here we focus on team specific needs, such as improving communication, optimizing the process of working together and getting things done.

When all goes well within a team it benefits all parties involved, the company, the relevant manager and the individual team members.

When a team is not functioning optimal there can be a wide array of reason which are not always obvious and easy to pinpoint for a manager. The employment of team coaching can then be a powerful tool to identify the reasons and solutions.

Because no team is the same, so a proper intake and preparation are essential. This requires the involvement of the relevant manager who will also during this process will lead his team. (The coach is mentoring the process, but the manager is in charge.)

A standard team coaching will consists of one full day of coaching at an external location, followed up by a second day where we go over what has been discussed in the first meeting and will look how the results of the first day turned out in real life application. This second day is usually planned around 4 week later so the team will have enough time to implement the findings.

For information on pricing or making an appointment please contact Expat Coaching Company via the contact form or by phone.

If you would like to know more about who I am, how I work and what I can do for you as a coach, without any obligations,
call me at 036 – 848 34 77

“I had an idea, but was not able to shape it, let alone execute it. With the help of Rob I was not only able to shape my idea but even make a first start with its execution. It offers great satisfaction to have achieved this and to know that I can take it from here by myself.”