Here you will find some quotes from clients who I coached and who agreed to the quotes to be published on the website.

"As an expat & entrepreneur I experience every day a lot of stress and a high degree of uncertainty. Working with Rob I acquired skills to manage stress which improved the quality of my life in a visible way. Our sessions helped me to understand & feel uncertainty as both a risk and an opportunity. Rob helped me grow both as a person and also as an entrepreneur. He is definitely a great coach!"

Paul Sabou, CTO at       BusyMachines

“I did not know I had to reach so deep. Rob opened my eyes and helped me to reflect on how I should communicate and what were my challenges in this. I now communicate easier and more professional.” Marjo

“I had an idea, but was not able to shape it, let alone execute it. With the help of Rob I was not only able to shape my idea but even make a first start with its execution. It offers great satisfaction to have achieved this and to know that I can take it from here by myself.” Anca

"I always wanted a career change, but was afraid to go for it. A friend recommanded Rob. After following his coaching program, I managed to overcome my fears and start doing what I love.

Thank you Rob!" Veronica

"The sessions with Rob helped me to focus on what I really wanted. Managed to let go of past events and focus on issues I can control. Learned to see the positive side in things and also to celebrate all victories and learn from defeats." Daniel

“Rob listened with attention and kept asking the right questions in order to find those clues that could help me resolve my issue. I experienced the coaching as pleasant and it helped me a lot. Will immediately start applying what came up during the coaching.” Pleun

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