Important to know before deciding on coaching.

“Coach is not a legally protected title, anyone can call him- or herself a coach.”

That is correct, they can. But when selecting a coach it is important to know that there is a professional organisation that oversees the officially registered coaches called NOBCO (of which I am a member). NOBCO also certifies coaching education. More about this important organisation you will find by clicking on the logo at the bottom of this article.

A lot of people have heard about coaching, for the work or life environment, but have no idea what it is a coach does. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea, to explain what it is I think is important to know, before you start with coaching.

“A coach does not solve problems?”

Indeed, a coach does not solve your problems. I do not give advice or ready-made-solutions.

I do help you determine what is your question into detail, what your solution could look like and what is blocking you from applying that solution. Then I help you to find ways to overcome those blockades, so you can solve your issues or improve upon what it is you like to improve upon.

“Why is it important is to help and not offer solutions?”

If I tell you how to deal with a specific situation, then that solution will work in that specific situation, under those conditions. But what will you do, if the conditions are slightly different and therefore the situation? Because then this solution will not work. Telling you what to do is a one-time trick.

On the other hand, if I help you to understand the situation and find your own solution, the next time you are facing such a similar situation, you will be able to also address it, but then by yourself. The result therefore is a sustaining and multiple applicable result. Because the result will become part of you.

“Is it not easier if you tells me what to do?”

Absolutely, but not more effective or productive. Finding your own way to a solution will cost you more effort and will ask of you to take your own responsibility for the process, but it will last you a life time!

“How do I know whether you can help me with my question?”

Most of the questions I help with are work related. Either concerning behavior or situations beyond the grasp of the person that turns to me.

For instance, you running into the same kind of situations over and over again and want to understand why this is happening. And you want to know how to deal with it, to prevent it from happening all the time.

Or you want to change or improve behavior, maybe you are looking for ways to deal with challenges. Maybe you have no idea how to approach it or why you were unable to apply the solution you have thought up.

If your question fits one of these examples I might be the one to help you.

“What should I do if my question fits one of these descriptions?”

If you want to know if I can help you to specify your question and find a way to find your answer, then contact me.

We will plan an intake meeting, in this approximately 45 minutes meeting we will determine the general nature of your question, the goals you would like to set and how you could approach it.

After the meeting, you will have a clear answer whether I am the right coach for you and on how I can help you, to find your way in resolving the issues on hand.

“My employer suggested I should see a coach”

More and more employers are incorporating coaching as part of their HR management. Because they can deduct the costs of coaching from their tax returns, the revenue of improved functioning employees versus the investment in coaching is interesting for them. They often even have budgets for this. (E.g. personal development budgets).

When your employer is willing to pay the bill, by all means do take this opportunity he is offering you, to make a lasting positive impact on your live.

In order for this to work, we also have an intake meeting, in this case together with someone representing your employer, like your manager or someone from HR.

”How do we keep what I say in the sessions private?”

The following sessions are just between you and me. And so is the contents of these meetings. If your employer wants to know what is said or done, he will have to address you and it is up to you what you share or not.

I will share if we are making progress, but will never share any information concerning the contents of our sessions.

If you have any questions about coaching that were not answered above, do not hesitate to contact me at or at 036 - 848 34 77. Looking forward to hear from you.

Enjoy life,


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